Garage Finishing

Finishing your garage creates valuable storage, enhances the look of the space, and increase the value of your home. Marvil Home Solutions offers a variety of options for your garage including: Drywall and painting, texture finishes, finishing trim, cabinets, floor finishing with stain or epoxy, and much more.

Marvil President Paul Villecourt a passion of spending time in the garage as he has produced MANY custom vehicles and motorcycles that have been award winning. Paul has taken this attention to detail to Marvil Home Solutions

 Growing up fixing cars and spending a lot of time in this typically dark and messy environment. It became a quest to make my work environment more enjoyable.  We have taken the knowledge and products from this industry and designed it for the home garage.

We can design a garage for any use the home owner wants. Do you just want more storage and better organization? Or do you want a garage where you can work on cars? We can help with any desire you have. If you don’t see a product or solution to your needs please feel free to contact us, if we can’t help you we may be able to point you in the right direction.



*Pictures Coming Soon*


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